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Before The Plate Premiere

To commemorate the film's premiere, we hosted 125 guests for a three-course sit-down dinner featuring some of Ontario's finest ingredients.

Video: Taste Expo 67

We sat down with Executive Chef John Horne and Chef de Cuisine Ron McKinlay to speak about the inspiration behind Canoe's latest tasting menu.

Smoked Steelhead Trout on Canoe Expo 67 Tasting Menu

Taste Expo 67

Executive Chef John Horne and Chef de Cuisine Ron McKinlay’s commemorative new tasting menu celebrates one of the proudest landmark moments in Canada’s history.

Cherished Classics Return to Canoe

Chef Ron McKinlay shares why he’s bringing old school pies and beef Wellingtons back to the table.

Canoe Student Series

Congratulations to our winning video entry from Durham College!

Supplier Spotlight: 100km Foods

Executive Chef John Horne and our team love working with 100km Foods and local farmers. Learn why.

Chefs Anthony Walsh, John Horne + Coulson Armstrong

Video: Canoe Twenty

Celebrating twenty years of elevated Canadian cuisine.

Canoe Globe & Mail Review

Four Stars from The Globe & Mail

"[Canoe] is fresher, more ambitious, better-polished and more committed today to its cool Canadian mission than ever." - Chris Nuttall-Smith

Careers at Canoe

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