the bar at canoe

Featuring handcrafted cocktails and savoury bites with a uniquely Canadian twist, the bar at Canoe is a destination in its own right. Whether you’re joining us for afternoon drinks or staying long past sunset, we warmly invite you to relax, unwind, and soak up the sights of downtown Toronto. No need for reservations – walk-ins are always welcome.


66 Wellington St. W,
TD Bank Tower, 54th Floor,
Toronto, ON, Canada M5K 1H6


Lunch: Mon-Fri – 11:45am-2:30pm
Dinner: Mon-Fri – 5pm-10:30pm
Available Sat-Sun for private events


Hand-crafted cocktails and inspired bar bites with a distinctively Canadian twist.

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open water

Seasonal Cocktails

the bee’s sneeze

Dillon’s Selby cucumber gin, cucumber lemonade + honey thyme gastrique   12.

dandelion daiquiri

El Dorado 3 Year Old rum, agave, fresh lime + dandelion blitz   13.

strawberry rhubarb smash

Dillon’s Selby strawberry rhubarb vodka, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, muddled strawberry + rhubarb   14.

calvados sour

Boulard Calvados, lemon, egg white + apple bitters   17.

gin-ger fizz

Whitley Neill rhubarb + ginger gin, crème de cassis, egg white + rhubarb limeade   18.

calm waters

Canoe Classics

niagara mule

Dillon’s Selby Niagara vodka, peach nectar + Fever-Tree ginger beer   12.

pimm’s cup

Dillon’s Selby cucumber gin, Pimm’s + ginger ale   14.

dill pickle

Tanqueray No. Ten gin, Grand Marnier, lemon, white cranberry juice + dill purée   16.

elderflower aperol spritz

Aperol, Dillon’s Selby elderflower liqueur + Prosecco   20.

canoe sazerac

Dillon’s Canoe single barrel rye, Dillon’s Selby absinthe, Martell V.S. Cognac + Angostura bitters   22.

canoe rapids

Spirit-Forward Classics

screech manhattan

screech rum, sweet vermouth + Angostura bitters   16.

true north boulevardier

Campari, Dillon’s Canoe single barrel rye + Dillon’s sweet vermouth   16.

french 54

Dillon’s Selby gin, lemon, Prosecco + cranberry simple syrup   18.

canoe old fashioned

Lot No. 40 rye, Maker’s Mark bourbon, sugar, Angostura bitters + orange peel   18.

tamarack sidecar

Martell V.S. Cognac, Grand Marnier, lemon + Tamarack Farms blood orange shrub   22.

bar bites

fried cattail bannock

clay pepper cured lardo + bottarga mayo   15.

crispy pig’s head croquette

sauce gribiche, cumin + curry spiced   19.

b.c. pink shrimp rolls

seaweed mayo, squid ink vinaigrette + charred Napa cabbage   16.

west coast hot dog

scape relish, brioche, bonito + puffed grains   12.

beef sliders

truffle cream, bibb lettuce + sesame bun   18.

chicken confit drumettes

foie gras hot sauce + pickled shallot   15.

maple salmon gravlax

smoked avocado, tempura bits + fresh horseradish   14.

st. lawrence market mini sammies

Canadian bacon, cheddar + smoked mustard mayonnaise   14.

beef tongue poutine

Cheese Boutique curds + pepper gravy   15.

coastal half dozen oysters

54 smoker + Ontario Sake mignonette   21.

mini raw bar

Chef’s daily selection of seafood   42.

Please inform us of any allergies. we will do our utmost to accommodate. Though we are unable to guarantee an allergen-free kitchen.