coastal culinary experience with chef john horne

From August 12 to 16, indulge in an immersive seafood experience on the beaches of Haida Gwaii.


Posted by Canoe
on February 23, 2018
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Our team at Canoe is incredibly excited for our own Executive Chef John Horne to headline this year’s Coastal Culinary Experience. Hosted by The West Coast Fishing Club from August 12 to 16, this immersive seafood experience takes place on the undiscovered beaches of Haida Gwaii.

With his extensive knowledge and endless intrigue of this mystical B.C. region, Chef Horne will highlight the local seafood using his signature refined flavours, innovative techniques and inspiration from the magnificent Haida Gwaii backdrop.

For more information, or to join Chef Horne on this unforgettable trip, call The West Coast Fishing Club today.