taste harvest

A vegetable-forward celebration of Canada’s rich fall harvest.


Posted by Canoe
on October 24, 2018
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Working together, Executive Chef John Horne and Chef de Cuisine Ron McKinlay have transformed Canada’s bountiful fall harvest into a hearty, vegetable-forward tasting menu that celebrates fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. This unique and elevated dining experience explores the rich and earthy flavours of autumn, while taking a plant-based approach to Canoe’s traditional tasting menus.

Taste Harvest will be available for a limited time. Explore the menu below and book your table today.

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A vegetable-forward celebration of Canada’s rich fall harvest

105. per person
165. with pairings

Our tasting menu is only available at dinner. Participation of the entire table is required. Select tasting items are available à la carte.

With advance notice, our chefs can prepare a fully vegan tasting menu. Please call 416-364-0054 to arrange.

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taste harvest


roasted carrot, walnut + charred leaves
balsam fir madeleine + glazed fig
crispy new potatoes, olive jam + fennel purée

onion soup

Parmesan custard, bay leaf oil + caramelized onion compote   16.

potato + miso

puff pastry, nori sunflower praline, cauliflower, toasted seaweed oil, celeriac + hay broth   21.

epaulette pasta

Parmesan creamed kale, brown butter squash, chestnuts, salsify, burdock + baby onions   43.

jerusalem artichoke

wheatberry, Brussels sprouts, soft poached egg, puffed oats + wild rice   38.

sweet potato
pumpkin cake

birch poached pear, wild ginger crisp, white chocolate, goat cheese caramel + malt ice cream   14.

parsnip peanut fudge

Please inform us of any allergies. we will do our utmost to accommodate. Though we are unable to guarantee an allergen-free kitchen.