canoe 25

We look forward to celebrating our 25th year with you in our polished new space.


Posted by Canoe
on February 21, 2020
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Having begun the new year with the promise of a gleaming new Canoe — with the familiar congenial ambiance that we have all come to know and love — we are thrilled to be embarking on a year-long celebration of our 25th year in business.

In our quest to begin the new decade rediscovering our roots and emulating them through our space, we poured our energy into reflecting our country’s unique and diverse landscape through brand-new facades, surfaces and textures. With the goal of representing our breathtaking nation from the West Coast to the East, we illustrated Canada’s vast expanse of rich land by intricately braiding symbolic details throughout our interiors — like brass inspired by vintage magnifying glasses and telescopes and a woven felt ceiling installation drawn from traditional weaving techniques used for canoe seats and snowshoes. Likewise, we aimed to embody our connection with nature through shades of deep green, textured metal that mimics beaver-gnawed wood, and natural Canadian granite that captures the rugged Canadian Shield.

And of course, to celebrate our 25th year of connecting people to place through contemporary Canadian cuisine, we wasted no time crafting a quintessentially Canadian menu showcasing exquisite home-grown ingredients like West Coast scallops, Baffin Island turbot, Tamarack Farms lamb and Ontario pigeon. Similarly, our eight-course Taste 25 menu — featuring prized elements like Wagyu beef, steelhead trout and bison — epitomizes Canoe’s ever-enduring purpose: to illustrate and honour our beloved land’s culinary wealth.

With all this in mind, we hope you are just as eager as we are to commemorate our transformation and our quarter-century anniversary. We look forward to welcoming you into our newly restored home.

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