celebrate new year’s eve at canoe

Make your last meal of 2018 one to remember.


Posted by Canoe
on November 29, 2018
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New Year's Eve Champagne Glasses Clinking

End the year on a high note – 54 floors high, to be exact – with our indulgent multi-course tasting menu. Chefs John Horne and Ron McKinlay have planned a menu for the ages, featuring cherished Canadian ingredients such as Québec foie gras, Fogo Island crab, and Ontario rabbit.

Date: Monday, December 31 from 5pm

Price: $165 per person (excludes tax & gratuity)

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165. per person (excludes tax & gratuity)

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new year’s eve 2019

canadian oyster
québec foie gras + green bean salad

foie gras mousse, black walnuts, anise dressing + crispy shallot


seared red stag tartare

smoked heart, charcoal oil, balsam fir emulsion, juniper croutons + beet shavings


sunchoke velouté

Ontario peanut, Fogo Island crab, shellfish mayo, Granny Smith apple + tarragon


winter salad

La Sauvagine cheese mousse, hazelnut barley crumb, mulled wine vinaigrette, date + coffee purée

newfoundland scallops

lobster jus gras, cauliflower puree + Mangalitsa lardo


burnt onion cavatelli

winter truffle, Parmesan espuma + celeriac jus



toasted evergreen, brown butter, caramelized bonito custard, foraged mushroom + preserved pine cone

beef filet

birch-glazed tenderloin, Jerusalem artichoke pomme purée, broccoli rabe, crispy salsify + pickled matsutake powder


bison rib eye + short rib

spruce tip Bordelaise, torched chou farci, heirloom carrot + cabbage crisps


ontario rabbit saddle

chestnut + lardo stuffing, poached onion, Brussels sprouts + glazed quince


pacific sablefish

duck fat braised king oyster mushroom, garlic cream, black radish + roasted shiitake jus


atlantic salmon

Pernod seaweed butter, fennel purée, pickled dill, watercress + vermouth velouté

baked alaska

gin meringue, anise hyssop sponge, frost grape + cedar ice cream


pumpkin cake

birch-poached pear, wild ginger crisp, white chocolate, caramelized goat cheese + malt ice cream


cassis chocolate torte

blackcurrant jelly, sesame snow, cookies + cream mousse