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Join us on Friday, August 4 to enjoy our special Atlantic lobster tasting menu.


Posted by Canoe
on July 26, 2017
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On Friday, August 4, we will be joining hands with restaurants across the country to take part in Food Day Canada, led by our friend and recognized food laureate, Anita Stewart.

To honour Canadian ingredients and cooking, Chefs John Horne and Ron McKinlay have crafted a special Atlantic lobster tasting menu. Each course, from claw to tail, is a thoughtful representation of this quintessential Maritime ingredient.

Take a look at the menu below, and don’t forget to book your table today!

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Food Day Canada

95. per person

excludes tax + gratuity
participation of the entire table is required



lobster oil mayonnaise + seaweed biscuit


poached claw, pickled day lilies, foie gras parfait, black sesame + seaweed


knuckle meat ravioli, cauliflower, lettuce velouté + tarragon


roasted tail, compressed apple, red cabbage aïoli, blackberries + Okanagan hazelnuts


roe milk crumb, seaweed vanilla sponge, almond curd + Hewitt’s buttermilk ice cream