canoe thanksgiving at home

From Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving, our chefs have loved preparing exquisite menus to enjoy at home.


Posted by Canoe
on October 19, 2021
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Having lived through nearly two years of holidays and special occasions unlike what many of us were once accustomed to, we at Canoe have empowered ourselves to reimagine what the festive season looks like outside of the 54th floor and in the homes of our beloved guests.

Our dedication to bringing you the richly flavoured multicourse carte du jour on which we’ve built our name remains steadfast. This past Thanksgiving, our chefs prepared a majestic turducken — starring a whole rouge duck stuffed with turkey, foie gras and local heritage chicken — plus a vibrant array of side dishes like sage + brioche stuffing and Brussels sprouts with house-cured pancetta, all sandwiched between a creamy pumpkin soup to start and a fragrant tarte au sucre to finish.

Whatever the occasion, we look forward to nourishing you and your loved ones with a quintessentially Canoe dining experience. Scroll through the gallery above for enticing photos of our Thanksgiving Dinner at Home!